That's Flute - Reich, F.


If you are a teacher with beginners who struggle to "get" new tunes, this is for you. The tunes are short and simple enough for the young player to master quickly, making them more likely to get the flute out of the case and try another! There is plenty of practice for each new rhythmic pattern or new note, and helpful and encouraging tips feature in each chapter. A very useful 'rhythmic reading section' at the back of the book is perfect for those times when (yet again) you're explaining dotted crotchets, and a there is also a handy note/fingering chart to photocopy and put on the stand for those who are stuggling to remember which note is which. Highly recommended by Wonderful Winds.

"That's Flute is an exciting flute course, taking pupils from the very first note up to grade 1 standard. There are many well known tunes (plus lots of fun new ones) to practice newly learned notes and rhythms. Pupils are able to learn at a pace suitable for them.
That's Flute is ideal for teaching both individuals and groups."
Francesca Reich 2019

Grading: 0 to 1

Author: Reich, Francesca.