CLSW001 Ten Devon Pints - Various (PDF DOWNLOAD)


Ten Devon Pints is the result of a project that brought together ten composers and ten Devon breweries to inspire ten brewery-themed pieces for solo Bb clarinet. The aim was to create new music which was equally accessible and exciting, whilst celebrating the rich heritage of Devon's brewing industry.

The pieces are of varying difficulty, some folk-inspired, some more lyrical and some exploring extended techniques. The commissioned composers take a range of approaches to their compositions, from musically representing the brewing process, (complete with the sounds of pumps and tastings!) to highlighting the community spirit of the breweries. The result is a unique, diverse compilation of music that celebrates Devon, its people and its beers!

The complete collection was premiered by Sarah Watts at Breweries across Devon in March 2023. She has also recorded the pieces on the Cuillin Sound label, which can be downloaded here:

Leo Geyer  -  Borrowed Parts
Ellie Scrivens  -  Conversations
Núria Bonet  -  Topsail
Martin Seager  -  From Mash Tun to Hangover  
Zoe Sones   Holsworthy Hops
Ryan Thomas Green - Ode to Roam
Amelia McCabe - Dance of The River Erme
Suzanne Thomson  Summerskills Beer - Flight of Fantasy 
Andrew M. Wilson  -   Hare Trigger 
Patrick Nunn  -  Pandit 

Grading: 6 to 9

Instrumentation: Solo Bb Clarinet

Listen to sample clips below:

1. Leo Geyer  -  Borrowed Parts



2. Ellie Scrivens  -  Conversations


3. Martin Seager  -  From Mash Tun to Hangover


4. Zoe Sones  -  Holsworthy Hop


5. Ryan Thomas Green  -  Ode to Roam


6. Amelia McCabe  -  Dance of The River Erme


7. Suzanne Thomson - Summerskills Beer - Flight of Fantasy


8. Andrew M. Wilson  -  Hare Trigger


9. Núria Bonet  -  Topsail


10. Patrick Nunn  -  Pandit