DP001b Around the World in 20 Flute Duets - Pugh, A.


*Finalist, NFA Newly Published Music Competition
This delightful musical tour of 20 countries offers a wide variety of styles, in the form of fun and challenging duets of varying difficulty. Each piece imitates the music of local traditional styles, with some more caricature than true pastiche. Egypt, for example, is written in the style often used by western films and video games to suggest desert landscapes. Other countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Bulgaria, are written as more faithful representations of traditional folk music and dances. These duets make great little concert pieces, and would also work well for GCSE and A level ensemble performances.

Need a duet partner? Play-along videos with the flautist Stephen Clark are available to download.  Click here to go to the Play-Along page! 

1. China  2. Egypt  3. Trinidad and Tabago  4. Norway  5. Switzerland
6. Brazil  7. Argentina  8. Czechia  9. Russia  10. Ireland
11. Great Britain  12. U.S.A  13. Spain  14. Italy  15. Mexico
16. Azerbaijan  17. Cuba  18. Hungary  19. D.R. Congo  20. Bulgaria

Grading: 3 to 8

Duration: 30'00

Composer: Pugh, A.

Instrumentation: Flute Duet: 2 Fls,

Listen to a sample: