DC002 A Little Book of British Birds - Carr, J. (illus. Heather, J.)


A delightful volume of flute duets by award-winning theatre composer Jason Carr, with illustrations by Jane Heather.
These twelve engaging pieces perfectly capture the character of a varied collection of feathered friends, from blackbird to hawk, with cameo appearances by the occasional snail or earthworm!
The duets give the chance for a less experienced flautist to play alongside a teacher or more advanced player. The easier part often enjoys the tune, with the second part providing colourful accompaniments, painting a musical picture of each bird.
Skilfully crafted pieces, together with charming artwork, make this much more than just another duet book!

Need a duet partner? Play-along videos with the flautist Sandi Skipper are available to download.  Click here to go to the Play-Along page! 

 1. The Blackbird and the Snail
2. The Magpie Hop
3. The Pigeon Who Was Not Afraid of Cats
4. Cooing Doves
5. Swirling Swifts
6. The Robin is the Early Bird
7. The Starling Samba
8. Seagulls in the Sunlight
9. The Cockney Sparrow
10. The Hawk Hunts the Hare
11. The Fearless Duckling
12 The Dawn Chorus

Grading: Flute 1: Grade 1-4, Flute 2: Grade 5+

Duration: 11'00

Composer: Carr, J.

Illustrator: Heather, J.

Instrumentation: Flute Duet: 2 Fls.