L009 Blackbird - Lennon, J./McCartney, P.

£12.49 – £15.49

This arrangement of the timeless Beatles classic is completely true to the original, with the melody shared between the Alto and 1st Flute, and set against a rolling, guitar-like accompaniment. The optional part for a clicking metronome, (operated by the players or a helpful metronome soloist) can be replaced  by a tapping foot as in the original song, or, for larger groups, a woodblock or similar. Beautiful Beatles!

Grading: 6 to 8

Duration:  2'30

Composer: Lennon, J./McCartney, P.

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Quartet: 2 Fls, Afl, Bfl.

Listen to a sample:

This piece is not available in Japan for copyright reasons <


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Jenny Argent made this gorgeous recording while the blackbirds were singing loud during lockdown, April 2020