WBF002 Masques et Bergamasques - Fauré, G.


Masques et Bergamasques is a four movement suite in a neoclassical style, taken from a short operatic divertissement commissioned by the Prince of Monaco for the Monte Carlo Theatre in 1918. Only the fourth movement, the Pastorale was an original composition, the other three movements using material from an abandoned symphony of 1869. The Ouverture is a lively Mozartian allegro with some beautiful espressivo passages. The Menuet is a stately dance with the lower parts providing a meandering quaver line which contrasts with a more emphatic trio section. The rustic Gavotte bounces playful semiquaver passages between all the players, while the dreamy Pastorale provides a calm conclusion to the suite. This would suit four individual players or a larger ensemble.

Grading: 6 to 8

Duration: 12'52

Composer:  Fauré, G..

Arranger: Cooper, A.

Instrumentation: Double Reed Quartet: 2 Obs, CA, Bsn.

Listen to samples:

I. Ouverture

II. Menuet

III. Gavotte

IV. Pastorale