W006 Two Pieces From Henry V - Walton, W.


These two pieces are taken from William Walton's 1963 orchestral suite from the 1944 film Henry V. In the sombre Passacaglia, the ground bass line eventually passes through most of the parts, supporting mournful melodies and harmonies which build to an ascending Alto flute melody, pushing its way through the texture. Touch Her Soft Lips and Part is the better known of the pair; a beautifully tender, lyrical piece in a lilting 3/8 time.

Grading: 3 to 7

Duration: 3'30

Composer: Walton, W. 

Arranger: Orriss, M. 

Instrumentation: Flute Ensemble: 4 Fls, Afl, Bfl.

Listen to a sample: