TR003 Two Northumbrian Tunes - Traditional


1. The Waters of Tyne
2. Elsie Marley

The Waters of Tyne describes two lovers separated by the rough waters of the river Tyne.. a solo flute starts the melody from the back of the hall, gradually passing the tune to the rest of the group. Elsie Marley is a lusty dance depicting an alewife of dubious reputation, and features energetic tutti sections interspersed with various versions and variations of the folk tune. This pair of pieces would suit a group of intermediate to advanced players.

Grading: 4 to 8

Duration: 3'43 

Composer: Traditional 

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Octet: Fl/Picc, 5 Fls, Afl, Bfl.

Listen to a sample:

Performed here by the New England Flute Orchestra, with added contrabass.