SXV001 Suite Inglese - Ventimiglia, R (PDF DOWNLOAD)


Notes from the composer:
"Personally, there has always been something about Baroque music, especially Bach's, that particularly caught my attention from the moment I started studying it: the construction processes. 
Bach's music can often deliver tremendously deep feelings by 'simply' building a strictly brain-driven structure, where emotions come from a very calculated process rather than a rhapsodic, romantic attitude. I was keen to explore this in Suite Inglese.
I. Get Bach! - the overall 'recipe' features a one-bar fragment from the first Cello Suite as the main composing ingredient.
II. Mechanisms of Love - a developmental mindset at work here seeking some romance coming from the simple major third interval.
III. Sarabande? & IV. Les agréments de la même Sarabande? - a slow movement representing a Sarabande without being one, but still paired with its embellished version as it would have happened in a Baroque instrumental suite.
V. Postlude -  a merely harmonic construction based on a single-bar-rhythmic-cell (as is the case with preludes: minimalism way ahead of its time?). 
Apart from Bach's English Suites, the title comes from the very special bond I feel with British musicians/independent publishers, not to mention the fact that Andy Findon (to whom Suite Inglese is dedicated), is pretty often the first interpreter of my works for wind instruments. "


Grading: 8+

Duration: 11'34

Composer: Ventimiglia, Roberto

Instrumentation: Tenor Saxophone solo

Listen to samples of each movement:
I. Get Bach!


II. Mechanisms of Love


III. Sarabande?


IV.  Les agréments de la même Sarabande?


V. Postlude