SXP005b 3 Jazz Pies - Pugh, A.


This suite of 3 jazzy pieces is designed to make the quartet sound as rich and full as possible. Pork Pie is straight ahead swing, oozing with syncopation and reminiscent of the big bands and TV soundtracks of the 1960s...Quincy Jones meets Top Cat! Apple Pie is a slow ballad, full of lush harmonies that sound as good as the smell of Grandma's homemade pie, wafting over the garden on a lazy summer evening. Lemon Meringue Pie - party time! This is a funky, almost calypso style tune, and everyone gets a solo.

Grading: 7 to 8

Duration: 7'41

Composer: Pugh, A.

Instrumentation: Saxophone Quartet: Sop, Alt, Ten, Bar.

Listen to a sample: