PXX012a The Twelve Keys of Christmas - Trad. English/Pugh (PDF DOWNLOAD)


The Twelve Keys Of Christmas was written as a fun and challenging version of the ever-popular, interminable carol, but with a key change every verse! Almost every major key is used, except for one in the parallel minor, and although it starts simply, the piece quickly becomes sillier and sillier.

The first three verses are written in the style of every theme-and-variations ever, before more and more quotes and mashups start to appear. As well as many timeless Christmas songs, the arranger has also managed to use bits of the Nutcracker, Peter And The Wolf, and quotes from all your favourite Wild West film themes. Ending in a way only Prokofiev could, this piece is sure to delight your audiences and get them playing 'spot the tunes'.

If you play in an advanced ensemble, you need this piece of Alfie Pugh magic!

Grading: 8+

Duration: 4'05

Composer: Traditional English

Arranger: Pugh, A.

Instrumentation: Wind Quintet: Fl, Ob, Bb Cl, Hn in F, Bsn.

Listen to the whole adventure here: