PXV001 Bagatella Concertante - Ventimiglia, R.


This is a delicious piece, full of Italian charm and character, doubtlessy great fun to play, and packs a lot of punch in 5 minutes.
Notes from composer, Roberto Ventimiglia:
"When I started working on "Bagatella Concertante" I had in mind to write a rather short piece for wind quintet, but full of such elements as bravura passages and textures that might be found in the solo concerto form (hence the title and the somehow prominent flute part).
However, in spite of that idea, I didn't want to write a multi movement piece: I have always liked the idea of great forms "constrained" into some sort of small boundaries; so the quintet is presented as a three-part unique movement chamber concerto-like piece. Its flamboyant, rather powerful opening matches with the final Allegro while finding contrast in the Adagio, a strongly melodic episode, which is a feature that I'm always hooked on when composing, no matter the style."

Grading: 8+

Duration: 5'16

Composer: Ventimiglia, Roberto

Instrumentation: Wind Quintet: Fl, Ob, Bb Cl, Hn in F, Bsn.

Listen to samples of each section:
I. Presto con slancia


II. Adagio. Sempre cantando con gran sentimento


III. Allegro giocoso