PXTR001 Songs of the Water - Traditional


This piece is an arrangement of two Northumbrian Folk songs based around the theme of water. The first tune is a ballad, "The Waters of Tyne"; the words of the original song tell of two lovers separated by the River Tyne. This is portrayed by the two solo flautists who pass the tune to each other across the space and into the ensemble. The second song "Dance to Your Daddy (When the Boat Comes In)" is a 'dandling' song, traditionally sung to a baby to keep them amused. It is featured here in two versions; the first, in the minor key, is interspersed with the chorus of the better known, major key tune, which is only heard in its entirety in the closing section. A piece full of atmosphere and colour, ideally suited to a mixed ability wind group.

Grading: 1 to 6

Duration: 3'15

Composer: Traditional

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble: 2 Solo Fls, 2 Fls, 3 Obs, 3 Bb Cls, 2 Bsns, mini Bsn/T'roon/Bsn 3.

Listen to a sample: