PXM003 A Night On The Bare Mountain - Mussorgsky, M./Rimsky- Korsakov, N.


Mussorgsky never heard this piece performed in his lifetime, certainly not in this version, the most famous which was compiled by Rimsky-Korsakov from all the various versions Mussorgsky composed. The piece depicts an assembly of witches on the Bare Mountain near Kiev, and is a perpetual whirlwind of terror that lasts until the church bell sounds at dawn. This is a challenging arrangement that will test every player's tonguing and finger dexterity.

Grading: 8 to 9

Duration:  10'08

Composer: Mussorgsky, M./Rimsky- Korsakov, N.

Arranger: Pugh, A.

Instrumentation: Wind Octet: Picc, Fl, Ob 1, Ob 2/CA, 2 Bb Cls, Bsn 1, Cbsn or Bsn 2.

Listen to a sample: