P011 The Sailor and The Sea - Pecora, P. J. Jr. (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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The Sailor and The Sea tells the story of a retired sailor living in the early twentieth century.  Each day he sits on the shore of the sea watching and listening to the waves.  As he does so, he falls into a series of reveries in which he remembers his sailing days, dancing the night away as young sailor, and a far away seaport and lost love.  The opening statement represents the waves upon the shore and is repeated at various times during the piece.  The Sailor and the Sea closes with a restatement of the sailor’s true love. This is an entertaining piece with plenty of scope for expression in the contrasting moods and styles of each section.

Grading: 6+

Duration: 4'46

Composer: Pecora, P. J. Jr.

Instrumentation: Flute Trio: 3 C Fls.

Listen to a sample:


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