OR008a The Birmingham Tango - Orriss, M.

£13.49 – £16.49

An unapologetically "tangoey" Tango, first conceived as a warm-up piece for a group of over 150 flautists at the Birmingham Flute Choir Festival in March 2024, and here presented in a slightly smaller, more accessible version, without the Contra Flutes. The strident minor key 'A' section featuring, initially, the 1st and 2nd Flutes alternates with a more dolce, lyrical 'B' theme, which is first presented by the 4th Flutes and Alto Flutes. Everybody gets a chance for melodic material though, and there is plenty to work on in term of dynamics, articulation and style. Very enjoyable to play, and to listen to!

Grading: 3 to 7

Duration:  2'45

Composer: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Choir: 5 Flutes, Alto, Bass, 

Listen to a sample:

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