OR003c Bonny At Morn - Orriss, M./Traditional (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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Based on the Northumbrian song "Bonny at Morn", this large scale piece is scored for solo trad. flute (which could be replaced by a regular flute) and 4 solo C flutes, accompanied by flute orchestra. After a restless introduction, the tune is heard as a a slow air passed between the parts. This builds into a large tutti section, before fading again. The tune is then presented as an energetic Reel, with plenty of interest in all the parts. This version was created for the Big Flute Festival in Dublin, 2018.

Grading: 5 to 9

Duration:  6'50

Composer: Orriss, M./Traditional

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Solo Trad. Fl, 4 Solo C Fls + Flute Orchestra: Picc, 5 Fls, 2 Afls, 2 Bfls, Cafl, Cbfl, Dcbfl.

Listen to a sample:


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Performed here (with added penny whistle and drum!) by the New England Flute Orchestra.