OR003a Bonny At Morn - Orriss, M./Traditional (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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Written for The Big Flute Challenge 2015, this piece is based on the Northumbrian song "Bonny at Morn" and uses the full range of flutes. After a restless introduction, the tune is heard as a a slow air passed between the three solo trads. This builds into a large tutti section, before fading again. The tune is then presented as an energetic Reel, with plenty of interest in all the parts.

Grading: 2 to 9

Duration:  6'50

Composer: Orriss, M./Traditional

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Orchestra: 3 solo Trad Fls, 3 Solo Fls, Bb melody Fl, Picc, 2 G Fls, 4 Fls, 2 Trad Fls, 2 AFls, 2 BFls, Cafl, Cbfl, Dcbfl.

Listen to a sample:


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