OR002 Towards The Blue Horizon - Orriss, M./Traditional

£31.99 – £36.99

This piece was commissioned for "The Big Flute Challenge" in Belfast, 2014. It is a large scale setting of 5 folk songs from around the British Isles: "The Waters of Tyne", "Salmon Tails Up The Water", "Anach Cuain", "The Tipsy Sailor" and "Give Us A Drink Of Water". All members of the Western flute family are used, including Traditional Flute and High Pitch Melody Flute in Bb with a minimum of 21 players needed.

Grading: 1 to 9

Duration:  18'00

Composer: Orriss, M./Traditional

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Orchestra: Trad Fl, Solo Quartet (incl 3 Piccs, Afl, Bfl) Bb melody Fl, Picc, 3 G Fls, 4 Fls, 2 AFls, 2 BFls, Cafl, Cbfl, Dcbfl.

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