H012 A Festive Suite - Holst, G. (PDF DOWNLOAD)


This Suite showcases three of Gustav Holst's many and varied Festive pieces, and makes a stylish and enticing set for an advanced group. Chrissemas Day in the Morning (originally for piano) is in 6/8, and full of joy and excitement, developing from a fugal style opening into a multi textured Festive celebration with great dynamic contrasts.
The carol Lullay My Liking uses some of Holst's original harmonies, but re-imagines some of the solo verses to make full use of all five players and give a more 'instrumental' feel to the piece. The original lyrics are printed to help with style and phrasing.
Bring Us In Good Ale originates from a Medieval drinking song and features rustic heel stamps (or an optional drum) which keep the music driving along. The verse lyrics of this song, (again printed to help with style), are great fun, interspersed with the ascending, rousing Chorus call of "But Bring Us In Good Ale!" and give a clue to the bawdy style of playing required!

Grading: 7 to 9

Duration:  6'32

Composer: Holst, G.

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Quintet: 3 Fls, Afl, Bfl, (Drum, opt.)

Listen to a samples:

1. Chrissemas Day in the Morning

2. Lullay My Liking

3. Bring Us In Good Ale