G015b Wedding Day at Troldhaugen - Grieg, E. (PDF DOWNLOAD)

£15.99 – £18.99

This joyful piece was written by Grieg in 1896 for piano to celebrate his 25th Wedding Anniversary, and later included in his eighth book of Lyric Pieces, Op. 65.  The two outer sections are full of celebratory excitement with a wide dynamic range, whilst the middle section is slower and more lyrical. This setting for large flute orchestra (including optional Double Contrabass) is a real showstopper, using each section of the orchestra to full advantage.

Grading: 5 to 8

Duration: 5'57

Composer: Grieg, E.

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Flute Orchestra: Picc, 4 Fls, 2 Afls, 2 Bfls, CAfl, Cbfl, Dbl Cbfl (opt).

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