DF001a Three Duets - Fauré, G. PLAY-ALONG VIDEOS

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Three Duets - Fauré, G. Play-Along videos- Flute and Bb Clarinet

1.Sicilienne, Op. 78
2. Mi-a-ou from Dolly Suite
3. Romance Sans Paroles Op. 17 No. 3

Play along with the flautist Cameron Cullen or the clarinetist Nick White

Available as single videos or a discounted complete set of 3. Download either part and play along on the other.

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Three beautiful Fauré pieces, set as duets for flute and Bb clarinet. In his famous Sicilienne Op. 78, the melodies weave between the two players, missing nothing of the original feel of the piece. "Mi-a-ou" from the Dolly Suite is a lively waltz with a playful character. In the Romance Sans Parole No. 3 the simple melody is set against a gentle quaver accompaniment: a charming miniature piece.

Composer: Fauré, G.

Arranger: Orriss, M.

Instrumentation: Woodwind Duet: Fl, Bb Cl.

Duration: 7'10

Grading: 5 to 7

Performers: Cameron Cullen and Nick White

DF001a No.1 Sicilienne
DF001a No.2 Mi-a-ou
DF001a No.3 Romance Sans Paroles
DF001a Three Duets - Fauré
Bb Clarinet