PP001 A Day in the City - Pecora, P.J. Jr. PLAY-ALONG VIDEO


A Day in the City - Pecora, P.J. Jr. Play-Along video - flute and piano.

Play along with the pianist Alfie Pugh 

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An accessible piece for an intermediate flute player from American composer Peter J Pecora, Jr. "A Day in the City" is intended to bring to mind someone visiting a big city for  the very first time; the jagged melody and hectic harmony of the opening section reflect the visitor's overwhelmed state of mind. This gives way to a Blues section, perhaps portraying the visitor as homesick, while the closing section echoes the opening, but indicates a change of heart: the visitor likes the city!

Composer: Pecora, P.J. Jr.

Instrumentation: Flute and Piano

Duration: 3'07

Grading: 5-6

Performer: Alfie Pugh, Piano Accompaniment