Wonderful Winds offer a distinctive, unique and ever expanding collection of music for Wind Ensembles.

Our dynamic and talented team of arrangers and composers have first-hand experience and comprehensive knowledge in playing, teaching and or directing groups of the instruments they write for, resulting in pieces which are guaranteed to be successful and rewarding for every player. As well as international sales online and through music retail stores we also offer an unrivalled and professional first class customer service, with fast guaranteed responses to both enquiries and the despatching of your music.

Whatever your requirements we will endeavour to accommodate; from transposed parts for extra instruments, to rearrangements of pieces to suit your specific group. Wonderful Winds also hold Flute Days! These events are coached by our renowned Wonderful Winds’ Director, arranger and composer Mel Orriss, and flautist and teacher Joss Campbell. Both Mel and Joss provide players around the country with access to a comprehensive library of the flute catalogue, for a day or two of lively and informative music making.

At Wonderful Winds, we love to see our range of music being performed and we encourage our woodwind community to get involved! If you have videos of your woodwind group you’d like to share, do let us know and we may be able to feature your performance here on our website.

Wonderful Winds - Redefining the repertoire